When construction crew begins a project, they have to follow the federal and provincial laws, so post construction clean up is very important. A commercial cleaning service is often hired to make sure that when construction completes, the area is clean and safe. There are several aspects that must be considered to make certain that post-construction cleaning is performed as per standard guidelines. As some post construction clean up may involve highly hazardous materials, it is important that proper measures are to be followed. This is more common with large scale business sites.

The time of year and season put a direct impact upon the type of cleanup. Estrada cleaning services make certain that every fixture within the building, office or home is free of all dirt and debris. If there is any lax in cleaning, properties may not sell and the commercial business will lose their reputation. Estrada cleaning services make certain we understand the complete nature of job we take.


  • Removing all the dirt and debris from floor
  • To thoroughly wipe down the closets, cabinets and other areas
  • Remove all the temporary stickers and traces of glue
  • Clean all the windows and doors
  • Wipe down the garages and other storage spaces
  • Vacuum all carpeting and spot clean as needed
  • Sweep and mop all flooring


  • Newly constructed detached, semi-detached homes, town houses, condominiums
  • Newly constructed commercial buildings
  • Renovated homes
  • Newly built parks and other recreational places
  • Health care centers which is newly constructed
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